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Rosemary Huang

Rosemary Huang is a Co-President of Themis Horizons. She is a Senior at Menlo-Atherton High School taking advanced English, math, and history courses, as well as Mandarin and AP Biology outside of school. She teaches chemistry and has experience teaching elementary-age students in China. Also, she has danced ballet since she was four and is also on her school’s varsity badminton team. In her free time, she likes to hang out with friends, cook, and play video games.

Nathan Chen
Nathan Chen.png

Nathan Chen is a Co-President of Themis Horizons and a Senior at Lynbrook High School who has completed many advanced high school math, science, and English courses. He is a BSA Eagle Scout and also a member of the Robotics and Economics Clubs. In his free time, he likes to learn new topics and play video games. He will be attending Northeastern next year for college, double majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. 

Will Li
Darrow Hartman
Darrow Hartman.heic

Will Li co-founded and served as the President of Themis Horizons. He is a senior serving as the captain of the Math Team at Saint Francis High School and has earned top scores on national math competitions such as the AMC 12 and AIME. Will has completed thirteen AP courses and has tutored at East Palo Alto Tennis & Tutoring. He also serves as his school newspaper's Co-Editor-in-Chief after having edited for three years. Additionally, he is a board member of his school's Stock Market Club and one of four elected officers on his school's Associated Student Body, and he was a CCS Finalist on the varsity swim team. In his free time, he enjoys theater, swimming, bodybuilding, and composing hardstyle music.

Darrow Hartman, Co-Founder of Themis Horizons, is a senior at the Lakeside School in Seattle. He attended La Entrada Middle School before transferring to The Nueva School. Currently, he is a part of Lakeside High School’s Model UN and track team, and he is interested in computer science and math. At Lakeside, he has tutored students in Algebra and Pre-Calculus.

Alexander DeSaram
Alex DeSaram.png
Chenwei Liu

Alexander DeSaram is a Senior Advisor to Themis Horizons and is a freshman at UC Berkeley after having graduated from Menlo-Atherton High School in 2022. He was president of his high school's Asian Culture Club and a leader of the Student Leadership Council. He has also placed seventh in a national debate tournament and has taken eight AP courses, including European History, Computer Science, English Language, Art History, English Literature, Physics Mechanics, and Calculus BC. Alex is fluent in Mandarin and enjoys books, board games, animals, art, gaming, and anime in his spare time.

Chenwei Liu is a Senior Advisor to Themis Horizons and a third-year materials engineering major at UCLA. He is currently a team lead at Bruin Racing, a student organization that designs and builds compact off-road vehicles. He interned at II-VI Inc. as a reliability engineering intern for the summer of 2022 and participated in on-campus research on carbon neutralization during his sophomore year. Chenwei is highly knowledgeable in linear algebra, differential equations, Newtonian physics, and the electricity and magnetism components of physics. Chenwei enjoys running, biking, going on road trips, and drone filming.

Ethan Huang

Ethan Huang, IT Manager of Themis Horizon, is a junior at The Meadows High School who manages the website and reads the messages and has excelled and completed many math and science courses . He is currently taking AP Calculus AB, APCSA, and AP Euro and recieved a 5 on APCSP and APUSH. He is interested in helping elementary and middle school kids with their studies and achieve their full potential. Outside the classroom, he likes to hang out with friends, explore new knowledge, and play video games.

Katie DeSaram
Katie DeSaram.jpg

Katie DeSaram is a junior at Menlo-Atherton High School who has completed a number of high school math and science courses. She is a member of the Menlo-Atherton Varsity softball team and vice president and treasurer of her school’s Asian Culture Club, and she has been taking Mandarin Chinese since she was four. In her free time, she enjoys reading and baking.

Hoshita Undella

Hoshita Undella is a junior at Saint Francis High School. Passionate in both Business and CS, she hopes to become a tech entrepreneur. In school, she takes part in Debate, Science Olympiad, CyberSecurity, Waterpolo, and Swimming. She is also part of robotics and has done a variety of science fair projects, garnering numerous awards in both extracurriculars.

Mateo Cuellar-Koh
Mateo Cuellar Koh.JPG

Mateo Cuellar-Koh is a sophomore at Menlo-Atherton High School who has completed many advanced high school math and science courses. He plays on both the baseball and football teams and has experience in student government, piano, debate, and volunteering. Mateo loves to read and help others.

Yu-Ming Liu
YML Pic.jpg

Yu-Ming Liu is a freshman at Gunn High School. He was placed into the highest math pathway of his middle school, completing Geometry Honors at the end of 8th grade. As a 7th grader, he was top 5.5% among all AMC 8 contestants. Outside of school, he has earned Certificate of Merit State Honors for 7 years straight for his piano skills and also enjoys Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, video games, basketball, and reading.

Brendon Hayes

Brendon Hayes is a sophomore at the Harker School. He is a member of the Robotics Team at Harker who scored the highest AMC 8 score in his middle school. He also volunteers at a nonprofit bike exchange repairing bikes, was a member of the cross-country team, and is currently taking a martial arts class. In his free time, he enjoys fishing, camping, baseball, baking and reading.

Theo Lee
Theo Lee.jpg

Theo Lee is a freshman at Gunn High School who has excelled in numerous advanced math and science courses. He has been the Principal Oboist in his youth orchestra for the past two years. Outside of school, he participates on a swim team and enjoys skiing, playing volleyball, and listening to music.

Yu-Tong Liu

Yu-Tong Liu is a senior at Gunn High School. She has taken a number of STEM courses at Gunn. On campus, she participates in clubs including Key Club and Surfrider Club. She is also president of Gunn’s first Equestrian Club. She has a huge passion for working with kids and animals and has lots of experience with both. Outside of school, she participates in a competitive swim team and equestrian team. She also enjoys hanging out with friends, doing arts and crafts, and baking. 

Ellie Lin

Ellie Lin is a junior at Los Gatos High School who takes advanced English, math, history, and science classes. She plays for the school's field hockey team and is vice president of the Smile Back Club, which works to fund children's cleft lip surgeries. Ellie has also volunteered with the Saratoga National Charity League since 2017 and works a part time job at Campo Di Bocce of Los Gatos. She has spoken Mandarin since childhood and will take French 4 Honors in the fall. Ellie enjoys the challenge of balancing school, a sport, a job, and a social life, and she hopes to continue it throughout her high school career. When she can, she enjoys reading, skiing, hanging out with friends, and video games.

William Yuan

William Yuan is a senior at Granada High School. He has a passion for math, computer science, and economics and has taken numerous advanced courses in those subjects. To expand his interests, he has participated in his school's Investment Club and Golf Club, as well as many more extracurricular activities and organizations. His hobbies include photography, golf, and basketball in addition to his school life.

Sophia Chang
SophiaChang (1).jpg

Sophia Chang is a sophomore at Branham High School who was born in the U.S. and attended elementary and middle school in Taiwan. She was admitted to one of the best high schools in Taiwan, but she chose to study abroad to challenge herself to go above and beyond. Fluent in all aspects of Mandarin, she was ranked top 1% of her middle school and also received a perfect score on the math portion of the Taiwanese national high school entrance exam. She also won first prize in her middle school's science fair and was chosen to represent the city of Taichung to participate Taiwan Science Competition. In her free time, she enjoys piano, hip-hop dance, and weightlifting.

Tej Nadkarni
Tej (1).jpg

Tej Nadkarni is a sophomore at Saint Francis High School. While stuck at home during COVID, he completed several undergraduate math classes. Tej is a competition problem-writer for NanoMath. He has scored well on national math competitions such as AMC 10/12 and AIME. At school, Tej is a shadow host, and a member of the track, math, and robotics teams. Additionally, Tej coaches track at his middle school. In his free time, he enjoys chess, ping-pong, poker, and listening to music. 

Allegra Hoddie
Allegra Hoddie.png

Allegra Hoddie is a sophomore at Menlo-Atherton High School. She has taken a number of high school math and science courses. She is interested in helping elementary and middle school students advance their academic knowledge.

Claire Marcellini

Claire Marcellini is a freshman at Saint Francis High School. She has excelled at CAASPP ELA and Math, having graduated from middle school as a straight-A student. Claire holds a leadership position in the National Charity League. She has experience in helping young children through volunteering and working as a counselor-in-training at a local summer camp. During her spare time, Claire loves to read, enjoy music, play volleyball, and hang out with friends.

Sarah Chang

Sarah Chang is a freshman at Menlo-Atherton High School who has excelled in a variety of math and science courses and is currently taking AP Calculus AB. She is interested in helping elementary and middle school kids with their math studies. Outside the classroom, she takes part in swimming, waterpolo, and robotics.

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