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Founded in 2022, Themis Horizons is a STEM-focused tutoring organization that aims to help educate middle school students of all backgrounds, including those from underserved communities, through tailored, one-on-one tutoring sessions. Our team of volunteer tutors comprises award-winning high school and college students with strong academic backgrounds and a passion to give back to our diverse community. We aspire to enhance the academic and extracurricular learning experience of middle school students in STEM and other subjects in order to help them reach their full potential. Register today!

“I always felt it was necessary to help others out with the skills I had acquired since I had relied on a lot of help from others to get to where I am. That’s why I co-founded Themis Horizons; giving back always comes full circle.”

- Co-Founder and President, Will Li

“Themis’s mission is to support students in the Bay Area and help them accomplish their academic goals. I personally wanted to co-found and work with Themis because I think that students need access to high-quality tutoring without unaffordable costs.” - Co-Founder, Darrow Hartman


“I chose to work with Themis because I believe that education here is an engine for social change and the betterment of willing individuals.” - Senior Advisor, Alexander DeSaram


Themis Horizons hopes to expand its tutoring services to help make a difference in even more children’s lives, and we hope you will consider joining our team.

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